Crab Island Surfboard Co

'Crab Island' is a rock outcrop at Langland Bay on Gower, South Wales, where land meets ocean, embraced by the fury of the Atlantic Ocean at low tide, yet tranquil when hidden by sea kelp at high; an ultimate surf break where waves reach near perfection and are ridden by surfers who attain the highest standards in their sport. This name was adopted by ‘Pete Crab' for his vision of Crab Island surfboards, locally known and identifying with this area of outstanding natural beauty.

Crab Island surf design and custom board studio was established by ‘Pete’ in 1977, and over the years has grown a reputation for manufacturing quality surf boards. The evolution and technical advances in board design is reflected within the performance equipment produced by Pete, and are chosen by both professional and novice surfers alike, locally and throughout the surfing world. 

Crab Island surfboards are designed and made to fit the surfers style, attitude and ability. Each one bespoke to requirements and built for satisfaction, Longboarding for leisure or shortboards for powering off the surf wall, exactly the way they are meant to. Just like going to a tailor for a good suit. Quality that never accepts second best, has always been part of Pete’s philosophy and passion.

Shaping quality custom surfboards since 1977